Anagrams for “Transmedia”

anagrams for transmedia

I’ve always liked rearranging letters in words to see what other words are hidden in there. It’s sort of like a puzzle and I love puzzles (although oddly not the jigsaw kind). You might be writing a transmedia project where naming a character or a place with an anagram could add an extra layer to the story (and don’t be afraid to cheat and use an anagram generator). When I was coming up with ideas for naming this site, I tried to see if there were any interesting anagrams for the word transmedia.

Here are a few I found amusing. Got any other anagrams for transmedia, or maybe an interpretation of one of these? Caveman Omelet! Er, Leave a comment!

Maiden Arts
Drama Nites
Data Miners
Die Mantras
Damn Satire
Dream Stain

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Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel is the creator of Phrenic, a transmedia thriller you watch, read, and play. He's directed two independent feature films and written a crime-comedy novel, all of which you can find on his personal blog

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